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如要更新Newsletter(會員通訊), Activities(活動預告), Parents Sharing(家長心聲分享), 請去左邊Posts更新


如要更新Newsletter(會員通訊), Activities(活動預告), Parents Sharing(家長心聲分享), 請去左邊Posts更新

2020 Flagday

2020 Flagday

Be a Volunteer

Be a Volunteer Become a Volunteer HKACLP recruits more than 1,000 volunteers to help with Flag Day Fund Raising Activity every year.   Moreover, our Social Educational Exhibitions and Summer Interest Classes may need volunteers and instructors.  You are most welcome to enroll as voluntary helpers. Besides, our members perform voluntary...


Donation to HKACLP Donate to support HKACLP, you can select the following ways: FPS Fast Payment System HKACLP's FPS ID : 168934321 or  If you need a receipt for the donation, please click here to send the screenshot of payment record to us.   PayMe Through PayMe you can make...

Fund-raising Activities

Fund-raising Activities 4 July 2020 HKI Flag Day Gold Flag Fund Raising Gold Flag Donation Period : 12 Jun 2020 - 10 Jul 2020 Official receipt will be issued for donation of $100 or above for tax deduction. Donation over $100 you can get a set of limited edition Cartoon...

Parents Sharing 1

Christmas of 1990, a big thing happened to me, changed my outlook on life, also changed my life! The day I became a new mother; But the birth of the girl turned out to be the most serious form of bilateral cleft lip and palate. The crack extends from the...

Parents’ Sharing

如要更新Newsletter(會員通訊), Activities(活動預告), Parents Sharing(家長心聲分享), 請去左邊Posts更新

Public Treatment Service

Public Treatment Service in Hong Kong Cleft lip and palate patients have to receive treatment in different stage of growth.  Surgeries are the main kind of treatment for them.  There are two phases of treatment as follows: Phase Age Details of Treatment Responsible Surgical Specialty QMH/KWH/TMH Children Hospital Primary Treatment...

Secondary Treatment

Secondary Treatment Orthognathic Surgery Due to cleft palate, the growth of the patients' jaw may be affected, resulting in retrusive upper jaw and underbite problem.  They may need orthognathic surgery around 18 years of age.  The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department of public hospitals will offer the said surgery to...

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