Privacy Policy Statement

In certain situations such as making enquiries or submitting applications, it may be necessary for you to furnish personal data. The purposes for collecting your data are explained in the relevant parts of the forms or our website. The Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate (HKACLP) is committed to ensuring that all personal data are handled in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (PDPO). Under the PDPO, you have the right to request access to or correction of the personal data provided, including the right to obtain a copy of your personal data. A fee may be imposed for complying with a data access request. Such requests should be made in the Data Access Request Form (Form No.OPS003) issued by the Privacy Commissioner and sent to us by mail to the Administration Officer, Unit 11-12, G/F., Wang Wai House, Wang Tau Hom Estate, Kowloon, Hong Kong. By virtue of Section 20(3)(e) of the PDPO, a data access request may be refused if it is not made in the said form.



The information on this website is for reference only. Whilst the HKACLP endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information, no express or implied warranty is given by HKACLP as to its accuracy.

This website also contains information provided by parties other than HKACLP and users may link this website to other websites and obtain information provided by such parties (collectively called “the other information”). HKACLP expressly states that it did not approve or endorse the other information contained in or in connection with these websites.

In case of any inconsistencies between the English version and the Traditional Chinese version of this website, the Traditional Chinese version shall prevail.

HKACLP does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage howsoever arisen from this website.  HKACLP is entitled to delete, suspend or edit all information on this website at any time at its absolute discretion without giving any reason or prior notice.  Users are responsible for making their own assessments of all information contained in or in connection with this website and are advised to verify such information by, for instance, making reference to any original publication and obtaining independent advice before acting on it.


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