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When you learn during antenatal check-up that your unborn child has cleft lip and palate, you will definitely feel very shocked, anxious, helpless…  In fact, cleft lip and palate is the most curable congenital defect, although there are two phases of treatment which takes a longer time to complete.  As cleft problems and treatment are a bit complicated, you may take a detour if you do not know how to take care of the affected baby and how to seek for the right treatment at the right time, that may bring the child unnecessary sufferings…  On the contrary, when you know the entire information of treatment and master the care-taking skills, tackling the problem of clefts will become relatively easier.

We have been supporting the families with cleft lip and palate children for 30 years.  We have profound experience and all-round up-to-date information about cleft care.  We are readily to keep you company along the way of treatment, helping your cleft lip and palate children recover in a simpler and easier way!

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