Feeding Bottles & Caring Items

Feeding Bottles

【Pigeon】P type 8 oz. squeeze bottle + 2 teats & 2 regulators

【Pigeon】P type teat + regulator

【Pigeon】Soft feeding tube + 4 oz. squeeze bottle + connector

【Pigeon】Soft feeding tube

【  Nuk   】Latex teat (one pack with 2 pieces)


Caring Items

【Chu Chu Baby】Sterilizing tablets  (l box of 24 tablets)

【Mepiform】Scar Reducer Silicone Gel Sheets 4 cm x 30 cm ( 1 box of 5 sheets)

【Lelan Vital】Rosehip Seed Oil

【Leukostrip】Wound Strips 6.4 mm x 102 mm ( 1 box of 50 packs)

【Leukostrip】Wound Strips 13 mm x 102 mm ( 1 box of 50 packs)

【Opsite Post-Op】Clear Adhesive Waterproof Dressing 9.5 cm x 8.5 cm ( 1 box of 5 sheets)

【Duo Derm】Hydrocolloid Dressing 4″ x 4″ ( 1 box of 10 sheets)

【Remove】除膠漬拭布 ( 一盒50 片)

【Cancare】Surgic Tape

【Cancare】ZINC OXIDE Plaster

【Piyo】Nasal Aspirator


Item for Lending

Providing postoperative restraints for babies after cleft lip or cleft palate repair


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