Hong Kong Association of Cleft Lip Palate (HKACLP) has obtained sponsorship from CLP Holdings Limited, for providing focused Speech Therapy Service to cleft lip and cleft palate children at a price lower than that of the market. This service project is launched from July 2013, lasting for two years.

Common Speech Sound Problems of Cleft Lip and Palate Child Patients 

  •  Speech delay;
  • Weak mobility of upper lip and palate, abnormal contact between tongue and palate, discordant breathing during speech;
  • Palate and pharynx are not fully closed (Velopharyngeal Insufficiency), causing air escapes out of the nose and hence hyper-nasality;
  • Pronunciation problems due to weak oral muscles and development of speech sound disorders;
  • Bad compensatory pronunciation habits.

Importance of Speech Therapy

  •  Child patients usually develop normal oral functions and learn how to speak after their palates are repaired at one-year old.
  • The “Golden Period” for learning and developing speech is between 1.5 and 6 years old.
  • Timely Speech Assessment and Therapy can ensure 90% of child patients who require Speech Therapy catch up with the learning progress of their counterparts.


  •  Provide focused Speech Therapy to Cleft Lip and Palate child patients, in order to help them to regain normal oral muscles activities and hence improve their ability to speak and express themselves.
  • Assess the speech development of child patients and identify any sign of speech delay or speech sound disorders, thereby design suitable treatment plan for them.
  • Provide training for parents to teach their children at home and ensure they catch up with the progress of therapy
  • Encourage parent volunteers to share their experiences with other parents, and show the spirit of mutual-help.
  • Speech therapist will follow up the progress of child patients continuously, and adjust the frequency of therapy accordingly.


  • Members of age 18 months to 6 years-old.
  • Adult members with speech disorder.

Service Area and Charge

  •  Speech Assessment and Therapy Service: Individual: $300/45min; Group of 2: $150/45min
  • Families with financial difficulties can apply for exemption or further fee reduction.
  • Parent Speech Training: Free of charge for parent members

Details of Speech Therapy

Date: Every Wednesday and Friday
Time: 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m
Type of Service: 1) Speech Assessment;and 2) Speech Therapy
Speech Therapist: Qualified and experienced Speech Therapists
Type of Therapy: Depends on the ability and needs of the children and decided by the Speech Therapist

Parent Speech Training (a course of 3 sessions to be organized half-yearly)

Date: See Newsletter
Fee: Free of charge for parent members
Content: Suggest ways to guide infant patients to start their speeches in the early stage, identify speech problems, playing technique and activities to promote speech development and pronunciation. Encourage parent volunteers to share their experience with the parents whose children have just undergone palate repair and help them to start speech development correctly.

“Provide Speech Therapy Service specifically designed for Cleft Lip and Palate Child Patients according to their condition and progress.”

Miss Faith Leung Speech Therapist

  • BSc Hons. (Speech & Hearing Sciences) HKU
  • Certified Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation Provider
  • Certified Facial Muscle Exercise Provider with use of ElectricalStimulation MachineQualified Hong Kong Graded Character Naming Test (HKGCNT) User
  • Qualified Hong Kong Cantonese Oral Language Assessment Scale (HKCOLAS) Examiner
  • National Putonghua Proficiency Test
  • M.H.K.A.S.T.

Miss Joy Chiu Speech Therapist

  • BSc Hons. (Speech & Hearing Sciences) HKU
  • Member of Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists
  • Certified HKGCNT User
  • Certified DPNS Users
  • Certified Facial Muscle Exercise Provider with use of Electrical Stimulation Machine
  • Trained in PROMPT approach
  • Trained in SRJ Oral Motor 3-part Intervention Program
  • Qualified speech Therapist for HKCOLAS
  • Certificate in Music Therapy
  • Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
  • Currently studying in Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling, PolyU

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