本會獲社會福利署署長批准於2019年9月7日(星期六)上午七時至十二時三十分在 港島區進行賣旗籌款,公開籌款許可證如下:
Approved by Hong Kong Social Welfare Department, our association holds Flag Day Fund Raising Activity in Hong Kong Island on 7.9.2019 (Saturday) between 7:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., the Public Subscription Permit is as follows:

We do not have subvention of any kind, 70% of our operational fund comes from Flag Day fund raising activity. Your support & participation to 7.9.2019 Flag Day (Kowloon District) make it possible for continuity of our services to the needy!


Established in 1991, Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate is the one-one in Hong Kong that provide support services for patients with cleft lip/palate and their parents / caretakers, as well as pregnant mothers bearing affected babies. As a registered non-profit organization and charitable institution exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, we are also members of Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Alliance for Patients Organizations.

Orofacial clefts are among the most common congenital anomalies – and the most curable. There are approximately 100 cleft affected babies born each year at different hospitals in Hong Kong. Having a baby with congenital cleft lip and/or palate, the parents may feel shocked, bewildered and helpless. Thus we aim to gather the patients and parents in the territory under one roof and provide a wide range of services designed specifically for them to ensure those affected enjoy normal development, both physically and mentally. By mid-2017 membership of the Association stood at more than 1,100 families.

Our services include: counseling service ; consultation hotline; hospital & home visits to affected newborn babies and patients after surgeries; newborn patients’ parent groups; providing on sale and lending of specially designed milk bottles and caring items; feeding training; medical & special topic seminars; sharing sessions about surgeries/treatments; district mutual-help groups; school and community educational activities; parent-child educational programmes; providing cleft lip & palate baby caretaking information; publication of information leaflets, newsletter & special journal; offering books, newsletters, newspaper clips, video-tapes for borrowing.


1) 跟進式鼻托服務 – 與頷面修復體配製室合作為會員提供跟進式鼻托服務,以協助患兒/患者矯正扁塌的鼻翼,改善外觀,增加自信。

2) 駐會言語治療服務 – 與兒童學習及發展顧問合作為會員提供言語治療服務。在1歲半至6歲黃金學習期,幫助患兒矯正因唇顎裂缺陷導致的言語障礙,使他們能趕上適齡學習進度。

3) 伴你同行 唇顎裂患兒家庭支援服務 – 由經過訓練的資深家長義工提供「單對單」跟進式的同路人經驗分享及情緒支援,協助新家長照顧患兒及積極面對療程。

4) 「愛能改變生命」社區教育計劃 – 透過製作多款宣傳單張、在網上發放及定期更新唇顎裂資料、社區教育展覽、港鐵月台燈箱廣告及Roadshow宣傳短片等向公眾作推廣及教育,加強市民大眾對對唇顎裂的認識,「非手術性矯形」對新生患兒外觀的改善,及協會為患兒家長提供的全面支援服務,以鼓勵準父母接納唇顎裂胎兒,尋求協助;同時亦傳遞接納、共融及平等機會的訊息。

5) 「唇顎裂治療計劃」– 與播道醫院之「香港兔唇與裂顎醫療中心」合辦,目的是為那些在公院輪候多時而未獲治療的成年患者提供半費的第二期唇顎裂治療,讓他們在踏入社會工作之前能夠得到外觀及功能上的改善,以助他們增加自信及融入社會。此外,我們還成立【愛‧延續唇顎裂治療基金】為那些希望參與以上治療計劃但經濟有困難的患者提供每項手術10-30%的資助。基金主要來自「唇顎裂治療計劃」的受惠者及市民的捐款。

如有查詢,請電2794 1915與本會職員聯絡。

Our service projects include:
1) Nasal splint follow-up service – In cooperation with maxillofacial laboratory we provide nasal splint follow-up service to help correct the patients’ collapsed nostrils so as to improve their appearance.

2) Resident Speech Therapy Service – In cooperation with children learning & development centre, we provide follow-up speech therapy to correct speech problems of cleft lip and palate children during the golden learning period (18 months – 6 years of age) and help them to catch up the normal learning pace.

3) Along the Way with You CLP Families Support Service –Our trained veteran parent volunteers offer ‘one-to-one’ experience sharing and emotional support to help the new parents taking care of their cleft lip and palate babies.

4) “Love can change Life” Social Education Project – We hold an array of social educational activities including: printing various promotion leaflets, posting & up-dating on website information about orofacial clefts, organizing social education exhibitions, displaying educational posters on MTR platforms and producing promotion video for Roadshow, which aim to increase the parents’ knowledge about clefts, how non-surgical lip & nose molding for new born affected babies can help improve their appearance, and the one-stop service provided by HKACLP so as to encourage pregnant mothers to accept their unborn cleft lip and palate babies. Besides, we enhance the understanding and acceptance of the general public towards the patients so as to foster an inclusive society with equal opportunities to the every one of us.

5) “Cleft Lip & Palate Treatment Project”- Jointly organized with ‘Hong Kong Multidisciplinary & Holistic Centre for Cleft Lip and Palate’ of Evangel Hospital. This project aims to help the patients of 18 years up, who has been waiting for treatment at public hospitals for a period of time but not yet rendered the service, to receive at half cost secondary revision surgeries so as to give them normal faces and functions before they start to work. Besides, “Let Love Continue-Cleft Lip & Palate Treatment Fund” is established to provide financial assistance, 10 to 30% for each surgery, to the patients from CSSA families who wish to participate the above treatment project. The fund mainly comes from donations by beneficiaries of “Cleft Lip & Palate Treatment Project”

For details, please call us at 2794 1915.